Why Consider your Career in Polytechnic Engineering after 10th?

Those students who are quite interested and excited about science and technology and are looking for job opportunities or financial freedom after 10th or 12th can opt for Polytechnic Diploma in Engineering. It is a professional course that provides practical knowledge in the field of technology.

Polytechnic is an alternative to B.Tech, and this course will provide scientific and core concepts of civil, mechanical, computer, automobile mechanical, and electrical engineering. 

Rajiv Memorial Institute Of Technology is providing the following Diploma courses:

Career in Polytechnic Engineering

  1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering:


This course provides the study and training of mechanical concepts. That includes- engineering physics, kinematics of machines, the theory of machines, material science, machine design, thermodynamics, manufacturing, etc.


  1. Diploma in IT/Computer science engineering


This study includes the use of systems that retrieve, store, transmit and manipulate data.

One can find scope after completing this course in software programming and development, operation and management, information systems, telecommunication and networking, web and Internet, computer science research, computer industry specialists, and training and support.


  1. Diploma in Civil Engineering

The course includes study and training in planning, surveying, cost estimation, project management, resource management, environmental science, safety management, construction technology, etc.


  1. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

The course provides study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Trained in areas such as Generators, Motors, Microprocessors, Signal processors, Electrical Machines, Power Transmission, Sensors, Power Systems, Electronics, Circuit networks, Electrical Appliances, Electromagnetism, etc.


Benefits of Pursuing Diploma in Polytechnic Engineering

Development of engineering knowledge and skills

Those students who finished polytechnic courses can connect in engineering courses with an affordable fee structure and they can go directly to the second year of engineering course with an entrance examination.


Focus on Practical than Theoretical

The diploma course is more practical rather than theoretical, and it helps students to become junior engineers. This course emphasizes learning by doing. It is quite suitable for students who want to prove their competency and skills for industrial jobs. 


Affordable and Shorter course duration

Polytechnic Diploma Courses are shorter and affordable. Those who finished diploma courses can go ahead with engineering courses and can study with less spending. Polytechnic Couse Duration is three years.


Bunch of Careers Opportunities

Polytechnic Diploma offers excellent career opportunities in an affordable way as well as in a relatively short time duration.

Well, Polytechnic Diploma is a technical degree, and itself is sufficient to provide a good job but to have more diverse career opportunities and be eligible for high-level jobs, one should pursue graduation or further studies in after this Diploma Course.