Whether you seek the thrill of competition or the desire for body fitness RMIET provides a wealth of opportunities that will demand commitment, dedication and skill development. You can achieve national recognition through intercollegiate fixtures or participate in a recreational sport for the first time. Involvement at any level is encouraged.

All sporting facilities are regularly available for every use, accommodating students who enjoy structured participation and those who find a program of recreation and exercise most beneficial.


Medical facility is available with qualified nurse and regular qualified Doctors for consultation.
In-house transport services for medical emergencies.


The completely computerized learning Resources Center of the institute has excellent collection of a large number of books of renowned Authors from all over the world and also equipped with adequate journals. It houses a vast collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and other multimedia tools which are replenished often.
The timings of the library are decided as per the season of the semester regarding which the students will always be provided with information. The issuing of books is easy and the staff is ever welcoming and helpful. The library also provides an excellent and silent study space.

Wireless Connection

The institute provides a wireless internet connection through RF link line with a bandwidth of 1mbps for the judicial use of students. The connection is strong and and is available at almost every single corner of the campus


The institute has an extremely well-kept self-service cafeteria that caters to the student’s taste-bud and is a great place to unwind in between the studies. The cafeteria is very heart warming and relaxing. The rich and varied fare it offers ranges from quick, crisp anytime delicious snacks and proper meals.


Safe transport facilities have been arranged for the day scholars who live in the areas near-by. For students to achieve this facility they have to apply for the same.
Laboratories and workshops
RMIET provides all kinds of labs and workshops required as per the courses and with the up to date technologies and facilities.
The lab assistants are well qualified.
The institute provides

  1. Computer Lab
  2. Physics Lab
  3. Electrical Lab
  4. Chemistry lab
  5. Engineering
  6. Drawing Lab

Following workshops are available in the institute that caters all the needs of the course.

  1. Machine Shop
  2. Sheet metal and painting Shop
  3. Welding Shop
  4. Cutting Shop
  5. Black Smithy Shop
  6. Carpentry Shop