A librarian is a trained professional who works in a library providing access to information and social & technical programming. This could be provided in classical terms of books or by modern terms of technology for example: by audio, video recordings, etc. Librarians are responsible for a vast amount of information while working at a school library, university library, local library, or government library.

Reasons to be a Librarian:


Being a librarian, you could be gaining knowledge every day… One day you could be researching on genealogy, other days be reading laws and legal acts, and then about environmental science. There is constantly growing and learning throughout.


You get to work in a civilized, calm & modest environment. Although you have to be an outgoing person for the job, as sometimes it’s difficult to handle the people who need the information right away. But the remunerations are usually good for the interesting researches and processes you do.


Helping people with accessing information and getting historical records, doing medical research, helping them gaining knowledge through the digital and credible sources. Thus, serving to the growth of individual and shared knowledge.


Being a librarian, you will grow with a range of skills, making the job role more admirable. Administration, organisation, research, accuracy, customer service, communication, staff management, information and database management, media, law, technology, copyrights… etc all are the part of the useful skills you acquire.


The biggest misconception is you do not get paid to read books. But that’s not how it goes. Not only reading books, but there are more technological advancements in gathering the information in libraries now, for which also, you get paid. From books… to graphic novels, movies, CDs, TV shows, and all kinds of things can be found in a library.

Scope of Librarianship

There are different kinds of librarians in the modern age, comprising of which can be:

School Librarians

They help the students with the educational needs, through traditional needs or by the help of information technology. School librarians help the students with researching and learning through correct materials & also help the teachers promoting educational, providing needed material for the curriculum.

Medical Librarians

These can be found working in medical schools, insurance companies, and hospitals accessing people with information about the medical sciences and healthcare.

Public Service Librarians

These librarians are found in many public/local libraries all around the world. Helping people of all ages from kid to adult, supporting reading competencies.

Reference and Research Librarians

These librarians are work as helping in organising and arranging the proper materials & services that are needed for the research, directing on the proper database needed along with locating any specialized materials needed.

Outreach Librarians

This class of librarian are socially active, as they have to promote library resources and services. They require excellent communication skills, making visits to campuses, residence halls, etc dealing with the students to help expand their education.

How to Become a Librarian?

Being a librarian is not only just about books, you have to deal with people more than the books. For becoming a librarian, you need to have at least a baccalaureate degree in library science, the course is called Bachelor in Library Science or B. lib.
The course teaches you the art of maintaining, controlling, and managing information stores through books, information technology and other sources.

The duration of the course is- 1 year.

With the eligibility- Graduation in any field.

The course is provided with minimal fee and FREE for SC/ST.
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With the proficient and knowledgeable staff, the study experience at Rajiv Memorial Institute is valuable and benefiting in personal and professional development of the student.

RMIET believes that it doesn’t just take ‘love of books’ to become a librarian. A love of knowledge is where it all starts.”