4 Reason Why Life In A Hostel Is An Experience Of Lifetime

Hostel life is something that most university students will have to get used to at some point in their lives. Life in a hostel is an experience of a lifetime, and it gives you the chance to meet like-minded people.

For a person who has never stayed at a hostel, the thought of being in a one-room dormitory with complete strangers can be a bit unnerving.

But you know what hostels are among the best places for young people to live.

Hostels are great places to meet new friends. You bond over the stories and the experiences that you share with them. From those sleepless nights during exams to partying with Maggie at midnight. You bond not just with new friends, but with different people of a different culture.

With the never-ending list of funny but important lessons, hostel life sure is worth living.

4 Reason Why Life In A Hostel Is An Experience Of Lifetime

Let’s have a look at some reasons why living in a hostel is the experience of a lifetime:

It gives you a sense of responsibility

In the comfort of your home, from waking you up for school to remind you of every important task, your mother was the moving alarm for you.

But when you enter the hostel, right from day one, you become the driver of your own decisions.

From waking up early for classes to staying up late at night while preparing for exams, you have to sharpen your time management skills.

Independence and freedom

Independence is something we all want, and hostel life can give you that. Hostel life can transform your personality completely. It becomes your duty from getting up in the morning to having meals to washing clothes. Hostel life gives you an opportunity and flexibility to seek things that you can’t pursue at home.

Moments of fun

All the moments you spent with your friend, whether good or bad (most of the time funny) are beautiful and worth remembering. The friends you make there become your lifelong connection, and the moments you spent with them become your life memories.

Hostel life allows you to connect with different people of different cultures, with different ideologies. Sometimes these new connections help you in grooming your personality.

Watching late-night movies, those long conversations on random topics, preparing mid-night maggie for your friend, borrow interest-free loans, birthday bumps, and combined study sessions becomes the precious part of your memories.

Hostel life brings out the real you

It is a lot more fun to live in a hostel than to stay at your parents’ house, and you learn many new things, including making friends, being independent, taking initiative, and learning to live with freedom. It allows you to discover your true self and gives you very valuable memories.

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